My next Glass will last.

It is not an inexpensive game we cameramen play. The cost of being an active member is costly to many aspects of our lives the pocket being the place that gets hit the hardest. This is not going to stop the intrepid clicker who craves to get better, get the choice assignment, bring home the picture of Big Foot or just get memories of the kids on the cheap trying to avoid the Photo Studio. After you have dropped several thousand dollars then some photographer tells you need to put up a few thousand more you become a better “Shoppper”

After playing spin the bottle with most of the major brands, I married Nikon…….. I mean I settled down with Nikon / settled on, I meant to say. Once you find a good woman keep her, so now I will follow this advice and apply it to my lens bag.

Nikon 200mm f2.0 is now on my official gotta get list. Being older it is time to lighten up my load in my hands but turn up the quality output.


Once this addition gets into my camera case please forgive this Cheshire Cat grin as I connect it to my D5 camera body and commence to go to WORK.

Well as long as I am dreaming / pre-visualizing,  acquiring a body just for her, no other option is on my radar but the………….Nikon D5 100th Anniversary Edition DSLR Camera


This camera is jam packed with enough technology I drool just typing about it, so I need to stop. Knowing that the next camera will be more tricked than my next purchase is a bummer because I will want it. The Nikkor 200mm 2.0 is sooooo sweet and Phat to death that there is no replacing her and we will go merrily into the future happily ever after……… my wife too.

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Once a Trojan………Come back and be a “Trojan”

Wow ! I made it, a game on the field at Castle Park High School. Been having a lot of fun with being apart of chronicling “Friday Night Lights” in Chula Vista as a part of Chula Vista Photo Studios‘ efforts to continue connecting with our community. Most certain if you have read any of the previous post you know that I went to CPH and will let you know that without an inquiry. No I am not a Fanatic but I did get there five hours early…… okay I might be a weeee bit nutty in this regard but it was mostly due to professional logistical needs.


Well, click happy me just could not walk away so I walked to align the logos.

Then I took an hour and walked about the immediate neighborhood remembering how I used to hate the daily stroll to school but now with head high and a smile on my face it just felt nice to waste some time.

Not sure why the J.V. game did not go off this day however the young Trojans and their fearless ASB adviser welcomed me with smiles and a genuine “Welcome home Alum”  greetings.

wp-image-1645807027 Thank you Megan for the ID card I will use it next event. By the time the game started everybody knew the big black with the Cheshire Happy grin and camera is still a “Trojan”.

Having an opportunity to watch these young guys practice before show to be at heir best was a joy. Many memories flooded back of my friends spending countless hours getting a sequence of moves just right. You do not need me to tell just how good they were, Google them or just ask any CPH Trojan Band Alum. From Rose Bowl Parade appearances to countless awards, Band Reviews and State ceremonies the history of the Marching Trojan Band is a rich one.

Okay time to go to work the opponents are here I mean my clients, well Chula Vista Photo Studio has the Hilltop High account so my job is to make them look gooooood, they are from Chula Vista too and I got no problem with that. I never take sides with a camera in my hands, my job is to help not let my content be used to point out anything but a positive groove. The Lancers are the stronger team so the outcome is mostly expected to be in their favor.

Being honest is really important to me so to say I know what I am doing I would be wrong 37% of the time, my tactic is throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks. In truth the schools use a tiny percentage of my submissions my true goal is to provide to the students a worksheet of images and ideas.

Not really sure if anything I do will make the cut, Hilltop High School has a topnotch program with a dynamic multimedia coordinator who would make most college curriculum’s jealous.  Never one to back down from a challenge they just gonna make me better hoping to one day smile knowing they got better too.

Here come the the TROJANS !!!!!! oooops not yet just warm ups. The squad looked light in numbers but what they lacked in numbers it was made clear to me that Trojan optimism, spirit and pride would take the field tonight. Shout out to G.C. Construction and all those who put time and resources in for our young peeps to show up heads held high knowing the community got their backs….. literally too.

I forgot how beautiful watching a sunset from the field on this mesa is, I did not forget how cold it quickly gets from the field on this mesa. Long thick pants, long sleeve tee shirt and thick top shirt I’ll be good through halftime. KUSI tv Prep Pigskin Report did an interview with former Castle Park Trojan, NFL player and a current coach on the Hilltop team just before the game.

Just a few touch ups on both sides a meditation moment or two, then the announcer introduced the band who marched in to the stadium as the sun was setting, to start another Chula Vista display of Friday night football under the lights.

Let there be no mistake about it, there is a whole lotta learnin going on Friday nights across America. From coaches to trainers, band directors and Principals too, all make great lengths and sacrifice to help future generations learn valuable life lessons through their spirited efforts on and around the field.

A writer I am not, definitely a weak reporter too so I will just say Castle Park scored. If you need to know Google the “Chula Vista Star Newspaper” for the facts. People I do not kn ow who do not know me, we had a great time this night under the lights. When my shutter sounds out I am in my happy space, tonight I was in a flashback of my Happy time in life. It felt good to say I went here it also felt good to see a future generation proud to say when asked “Once a Trojan” hearing them say clearly with volume say “Always a Trojan !!!!!!!”

Not sure if I can get to our Homecoming this year 2017, trying to stack the deck so I draw the assignment just because of how fun it will be to see my class of 79′ friends and families. But you know the best part will be being in a group of friends as we come back to be a Mighty Mighty group of happy old dudes repeating till we are hoarse from shouting …… How it’s Great to be a Mighty Mighty Trojan !!!!!!!!!


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Castle Park All Class Reunion 2017

Spent time with friends from years past and had a BLAST !!! remembering just how “It’s Great to Be a Mighty Mighty Trojan” from Castle Park High Trojans. Hope to  all you Alums Friday Night at Chula Vista High School when the Trojan Football team take the field to battle the Lancers.


Click the photo above to see ALL the fun at a Trojan Hugfest !!!

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Southwestern College Jaguars 2017

Home opener at Devore Stadium for the Jaguars against the Comets of Palomar College. This is a cross county matchup one team from the southern part of the county and the other from the northern borders of San Diego County.

I am most pleased to be in attendance tonight because just the other day the thought of doing a College was a longshot. Thanks to a wonderful Head Coach and Athletic Director they made us at Chula Vista Photo very welcome.

A warm, okay down right hot and muggy night out here in Bonita but all considered a beautiful evening for some Saturday Night College Football.

Albeit a game that is a season warm up for both teams, there was enough excitement and missed photos to get my fever going and desire to come back for more.

Players and coaches prepare for this coming season one hopes to make that “Spot” the others efforts in -honing- a squad forged from hard work and discipline.

Always an opportunity for a teaching and learn-able moment, even the players get in on passing on knowledge as the new recruit hopefuls for next year are invited on field as guest.

For sure there were some rough spots and missed plays but solid coaching and alumni support kept the home team in it all the way.

The final score does not always tell the success achieved on both sides but the Comet’s 38 to 31 win, is to be applauded. No excuses offered none given, just like in life you pick you self up, review the game-plan and come back next week  ready to win. I’ll be back next home game because I sure would hate to miss out on all that good clicking and a Jaguars win.

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September to remember, click and frame it.

Tonight I find myself at Sweetwater High School, the flagship namesake of the Sweetwater Union High School District. The Red Devils of Sweetwater located in National City have always been a team to beat in almost every sport. This Friday night it is a home game not for the home team but the Lancers of Hilltop High who will square off with Eastlake High’s Titans.

Team gear, face paint for fans and the “I am ready for some Football” walk are the openings to most high school games nowadays. Friday Night Lights in Chula Vista just a part of what makes America Great Now !!

Family support is a happy chore for most parents they complain and fuss but these games could not be held without their needed love. Not every kid plays on the field of competition but they keep the flow, man the concessions and bring loads of spirit and energy.

When it comes to coaches respect among-est colleagues is a beautiful thing to see, the smiles show the history and love.

Most big cites and regions have a local TV station that covers the Prep sports beat. San Diego is home to the KUSI NewsPrep Pigskin Report” they do interviews on field before games, it’s knida special getting a nod from the media before the game. The athletes generally do not mind and we love the attention here in Chula Vista.

All suited up and getting stretched out after that run a couple plays, you know what comes next !!!


The coaches have done all the prep now it is time for these young men to man up and play………

………and play, they do.

Making highlights and memories documented by students, cheered on by many then combined with the unwavering support of player alumni.

For these guys it all helps to make a, September to remember under the Friday night lights. For me, next week I gotta go where I get to shout just …… How it’s Great to be a Mighty Mighty Trojan !!!!!!!!!

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When a park is a community success story.

For years our Connoley Circle community has been without a playground. My of our neighbors current and past helped to make this happen. With a grant from the City of Chula Vista the organization ACCE organized members to help residents of Connoley Circle get a needed addition for all to enjoy.

Special thanks to Chula Vista Mayor Mary Casillas Salas and her team for taking time to make time and present our block with a ribbon cutting for us to feel proud to have and want to care for our Park a community success story.

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Jaguars,Jaguars,Jaguars !!!! Can You Hear Them ROAR !!!!

Being back on campus at Southwesterm College brings back a familiar feeling that makes me smile. Attended my first class in Business Management at the age of 12, asleep off and on from the back of the classroom waiting for my Uncle. it was an experience that left me gaga for learning. It did not help me in middle school to have walked the campus why, because how could you go back to talking with kids when I just rapped about Planned Obsolescence with working people. The thing that really impressed me the most was the Landscaping, it was like a beautiful park that invited you in with a welcoming smile of spacious greenery and floral scents. When I stepped off the bus I knew I was home again in Chula Vista.

Working on keeping myself busy I arrive way to early for an assignment but with camera in bag there is always something to click. Okay five hours early is a little much but I thought there was two football games back to back. As I walked into DeVore Stadium there it was…… a big black cat !!!! In the middle of the field standing on all fours with a look that ROARED !!! So I says to myself “Self, I am gonna help this big black cat be seen and heard” The Southwestern College mascot is the Jaguar an animal I have long admired and now I got Jaguar fever a sort of Jungle Fever to capture cats in action. The Lady Jaguars Soccer Team was on the field and as I walked my camera got busy knowing that this is just the homecoming because this “Big Black Cat” will be back.

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